About us

Founded in 2007, Jahnke Musical Instruments was born out of the initiative, curiosity and intense research of its founder, a beloved profissional and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has devoted years of study exploring the details and secrets that determine the quality of a musical instrument, in partnership with musicians and professionals with extensive knowledge in the industry, Jahnke has began to elaborate its first prototypes, taking into consideration its raw material, chemical composition, catalytic analysis and anatomy. Jahnke has since offered to the national and international market a wide variety of instruments to cater to musicians, students and professionals.

Our mission

Promote and sell goods with excellence in quality,
satisfying the consumer, progenitor of the
success of our products.

Our vision

Make the Jahnke brand known throughout national and international territory, making it recognized and acting as one of the great companies of the sector.

Our values

– Maintain integrity

– To value the interpersonal relationship and the commitment with the collaborators

– Awaken pride to everyone who is part of the Jahnke team.